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COTTON "Waffle Fabric"

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America of the 50s. The  collective cultural representation of it shows  the image of James Dean, the modern cowboy, the adventurer and the gold digger of the first TV westerns or the first Levi's commercial. The ranch, the great outdoors, whiskey and country music. Everything is there, the "HERITAGE" culture and its most fabulous styles ... We chose to represent all of  this in an iconic piece, a BASIC  and genuine product !  THe Henley!  

Will you be surprised, knowing that the history of the henley is nothing more then the story  of a simple "Undershirt" whose primary quality was to keep you warm.?

This long-sleeved  shirt with a buttonhole collar, has passed through the ages and was worn by the greatest, until it has become an icon of heritage style. Worn by Indiana Jones (himself) , Rocky, and Charles Bronson ...  An essential genuine product because it is technical and comfortable, kind of basic  stuff for adventurers ... And you know us ... It is not the first time that we speak to you about feminine heroism, adventurers and explorers ... Many times we have chosen to rewrite history in the feminine way. MAKING HERSTORY! So we decided to transform this HENLEY, essential in the wardrobe of male heroes, into a 100% feminine version, to honor today's adventureesses! Therefore, when riding a motorcycle,  you need to be warm, well  equipped with the right underwear and the right layers, to insulate the body. This is the role of the  HENLEY!

Made in a thick cotton, in 220gr, the fabric is a  "honeycomb"  style, thick and strong.  Its quality is uncomparable. 

Buttonhole collar
Chest Embroidery
Round Neck
Slim Fit
100% Cotton Waffle , 230 Gsm

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