Big need for change here! This latest collection has inspired a 100% urban mood. A little 90s-2000s revival, because it's so cool!

Styles were eclectic and daring, from grunge looks set to Smells Like Teen Spirit, to oversized styles inspired by the hip hop culture that was exploding at the same time... The arrival of girl power bands like Destiny's and even the Spice Girls marked the starting point of female empowerment. It's a really great period.

The freedom of this era is electrifying, because it allows for contrast, change and rupture.

Our designs are inspired by them, and are therefore contrasting, with glam rock moods that celebrate audacity. After all, this is the very meaning of FREEDOM according to Wildust: to break free from codes, to get away from stereotypes, to renew, to shake things up, to test, to evolve. Always. In fashion, as in life, I say!

collection automne hiver tee shirt woman rider

collectionautomne hiver - tee shirt woma

We wanted to embody feminine power, also known as girl power, a value dear to Wildust.

For us, determination is more than just an attitude, it's a way of life. Unlike masculine power, which is associated with domination and competition, feminine power is expressed with grace and elegance.

The "Woman Rider" T-shirt is more than just a garment, it's a statement of determination, ambition and freedom. It represents the powerful, daring "bad ass" goddess in all of us.


foulard moto therapy violet foulard moto therapy camel

Each Wildust creation tells a story and expresses our values.

The "Motorcycle Therapy" Scarf goes beyond a fashion accessory, symbolizing the power of reconnecting to oneself through motorcycling. In addition to adrenalin, motorcycling offers an individual experience, a form of meditation where breathing and centering are essential. The motifs on the scarf evoke the sensations of the wind, the power of the engine and the freedom felt on a motorcycle.

It's an ode to serenity, a tribute to freedom and well-being, captured in this unique design.

Find it among our motorcycle accessories, in camel or purple!

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Discover our favorites of the season: our three new pairs of racing-inspired socks, as feminine and Bad Ass as ever.

The "Checkerboard Grey" are inspired by vintage racing style with an iconic checkerboard pattern, affirming your passion for speed. They add a cheeky, Bad Ass detail to your look, preserving the retro charm of vintage racing.

The "Speed Goddess" are the quirky accessory for every female rider, with a knitted message proudly stating "Speed Goddess". Designed for intrepid women, these socks declare femininity, determination and ambition, ideal for the track, the office or conquering the world.

The "Checkerboard Pink" defy conformity, celebrating boundless adventure with their assertive vintage style and quirky pink color. Their perfect height offers protection from the elements without compressing the calf.

Made in France, these socks combine soft comfort and elegance, suitable for any occasion, whether it's a motorcycle ride or a stroll around town.