"Californian Cool", is what guided us in this second new collection ! We were inspired by the effortless but however "chic" style from the west coast, revival the 80's, in a vintage mood that we love...Our new products are basics to complete the launching collection, just a bit warmer... Jacket, sweats and more shirts... Everything designed and produced in an authentical and responsible way. You'll also find cool accessories such as mid legs socks, gloves hanger or enamel pin's and badges... Wish you a cool discovery ! 

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    Legendary product, this jumpsuit is inspired with the mythical workwear products, that made it famous. It has the strictly same shape.

    The jumpsuit is re-invented every year in fashion trends, but still remains the original cut, the classical and elegant style that makes it so smart. Dreaming of aviators from the early century or classical cars riders, makes us believe that the jumpsuit is definitely the perfect outfit for adventurers. When it is turned into a feminine piece, this retro chic overall plays the role of a true authentic outfit for modern heroines.

    Such a mythical product is so strong that it can be worn alone, nothing more than this jumpsuit makes your heroic. Adding a scarf and matching a belt makes it even more feminine and chic. Let's make the legend live again, re-inventing history, in a feminine way... Girl Power !

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    Basics or original designs, here you'll find the essentials.

    Mix it with jeans, wear it under a jumpsuit or a leather jacket… As easy as comfi , those shirts still remain the best compromise between an effortless but elegant style, thanks to its smart messages.

    Our Tees were designed to hold the strong values of Wildust: Freedom, Adventure and Feminism. A true feminine declaration of independance, an ode to freedom and a tribute  to the women who ride.

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    Freeeeee.... No straps, no bagpacks…The 2 in 1 belt and purse is definitely the perfect accessory for a riding outfit.

    So useful, but also so stylish ! It helps you "twist" your look, and bring a touch of retro-glam refinement, while being a true shoulder-free bag !

    Freedom never meant so much for riding girls ! Adventure and wilderness can't wait, now that you can ride with your essentials around your waist. This pouch has the great talent of being removable, so that you can wear it next tot the belt, or hang it on the motorcycle. You choose how to accomplish the perfect style.

    The purse is made of genuine leather, and it reflects the strong values of Wildust: Freedom and Adventure for its nomadic and travelling style , and Feminity as this traditional piece of leather made in France, stands for an emblem of aesthetic and french refinement. 

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    Freedom and Adventure had to be available for Sweaters and Hoodies... We were looking at the next season coming and thought that our true values needed to be spoken louder, and that a sweat would do the job. We worked on special designs, and feminine cuts, and sticked to our strong values: authentical, comfy but classy... Stay feminine, no matter what... !  These sweats are made in organic cotton, are ECOTEX certified, and designed by women adventurers, for heroines.

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    Our ambition is to design products that ally comfort and style... We decided to start with the authentical trucker jacket, and imagined a feminine cut... Like we always say, you can ride like a girl, theres no need to dress up like men, or a doll... Denim jacket is a basic, authentical and classy. We definitely need a women version. Here it is!

    Tomorrow, we will add the security to our check list, designing jackets that are comfortable, that look stylee and that keeps you safe.

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    From the tiny piece of silk to the technical riding scarf, you'll find here a nice selection of scarves, combining elegance and comfort.

    A scarf is definitely the must when you're to choose how to accessorize and pimp your outfit. Refinement, elegance and chic attitude...Everything is in the detail of a scarf.

    You'll be classy in any useful circumstances: Wearing it as a muffler, its technical material is super stretch and highly resistant, it will help protecting from the speed and the cold. You could also tie it around your neck to protect from cold and so add the final touch to your outfit. Feminine and elegant, it'll perfectly match the belts, jumpsuits and T-shirts from our boutique.

    In order to definitely express your freedom, tie it to your hair and let it fly by the wind !   

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    We worked hard on the caps ! We didn't wanted to design the same caps as anybody…

    So we took the risk, and choose 3 super retro-classy colors: Wine Red,  Olive Green and Vintage Orange !

    Again, the aim is to find the perfect balance between a cool-comfy look and kind of classy details. These retro inspired colors will perfectly match with scarves and belts from the boutique.

    No doubt you'll find very useful to accessorize you head and hair after taking out the helmet. 

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    Pin's, badges and clever accessories... All these little stuff that make the final touch to your outfit, and help you claim your strong values ! Adventure, freedom, feminism ? You can speak your mind and ride with style !

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