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"Woman Rider - The Wild Goddess 


It was important for us to be able to embody feminine power. More commonly known as Girl Power, we wanted to refocus on this value that is so dear to Wildust. Because we believe that determination is not just an attitude, but a way of life. Because feminine power is a unique alchemy that unfolds with a particular grace and elegance, unlike the expression of masculine power, which is equated with domination, competition or self-assertion.


From our point of view, feminine power favours collaboration, empathy and the creation of a harmonious environment. It does not seek to crush others in order to rise to the top, but rather to inspire and encourage them to flourish. It is an energy that is not threatening, but rather inspiring. 


This feminine power is subtle and enables women to reconcile gentleness and determination, intuition and rationality, compassion and firmness. A more nuanced and less polarised vision of a world that could benefit from this point of view.


As you can see, the Woman Rider T-shirt is not just a piece of clothing, it's a statement. It embodies the determination, ambition and freedom of every woman. The "Woman Rider" is the powerful, daring "bad ass" goddess in all of us... The one who, despite the obstacles, shows unshakeable determination in her ability to rise to every challenge, the one who doesn't fit into codes, the one who lives by her own rules, her own convictions. The one who emancipates herself. From codes, diktats, stereotypes, social obligations and self-righteousness. She who dares. But who remains a woman, gentle, feminine and sensitive. 

This Woman Rider T-shirt is our vision of feminine power.  


Its oversized cut is the ultimate nod to the notion of freedom, because you'll never feel as free to move around in total comfort as you do in a loose fit.


Available in sizes S to XL, it's made from 180g cotton and adapts to all body shapes.  Worn loose, bloused or even knotted, freedom is also found in the creativity of the possible looks. Over jeans, shorts or even as a dress, it's perfect for any occasion. We can't wait to see how you style it!

Classic Fit (mixed)
Original Wildust Design
Round Neck
Slub Cotton

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