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Letting the wind blow through you in this light, airy and so stylish shirt, that's the life I've decided to lead! ...

All joking aside, this summer it's the Wildust service shirt or nothing!

Since 1960, service shirts have become emblematic of American fashion. Inspired by the relaxed style of the 'pin boys' who worked in bowling alleys, they have become a true symbol of American 'coolness', worn and acclaimed by Elvis himself! No wonder they continue to inspire us!

With the arrival of warmer weather, their retro aesthetic and casual comfort have won us over completely. The Wildust Sisters version of these models totally transported us!

"Swallow", like the swallows inspired by old-school tattoo culture, is the name of these shirts, available in Bordeaux Red and Fir Green.

This flannel shirt is a little marvel of attention to detail... It's studded with pretty embroidery, showing Swallows as a symbol of freedom, but also featuring a series of details in a nod to Ride culture.

"No risk no magic" on the front, "Whitches on wheels". At the back, a decorative embroidery on the collar, then on the buttonhole. Nothing is left to chance, and the details are sublime and delicate.

It's by far the most emblematic piece of the 'Californian cool effortless' attitude we like to imagine.


Available in sizes S to XL, the oversize cut means you can wear the shirt open, closed or with a jacket, or tied at the front... Let's be creative!

Service Shirts are a brand new addition to the Wildust range. As always, we've taken particular care in choosing the materials, working on the details (embroidery) and building a product that meets high quality standards. When choosing materials, we decided to opt for Lyocell fabric, rather than traditional cotton, for 3 main reasons: versatility, comfort and durability. Durability and reducing the ecological footprint were in fact our first intentions. Lyocell fabric is derived from cellulose fibres obtained from wood pulp, making it an environmentally-friendly production process. The result is just what we were looking for: soft, breathable and just as hard-wearing.

The many advantages of this fabric do, however, require a little compromise: 'special care' recommendations: the shirt must be 'hand washed and dried flat'.

It can easily be ironed, but will not stand up to machine washing.

Embroideries in the back, chest, shoulder and button rib.
Loose cut
Original Wildust Design
Burgundy Red

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