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Original working jumpsuit, customized in a feminine and classy style.


A timeless piece, a vintage look, a feminine and chic style…

All united in a convenient and resistant overall ! This Wildust zipped overall allies practical and esthetic ! Once, only intended for men, the mechanic jumpsuit is revisited to become an essential for the female riders. Women reapropriate history and also put on this oldschool mechanics overall with the Girl Power spirit…

It’s key strengths : a great thick mixed cotton to protect yourself, a large and comfortable fit to feel at ease when moving, an elegant and retro look in an old school way to ride with style.

The must: use this suit over your usual cloths ! Thanks to that choice, you will be able to wear shorts and a tanktop under it to finally solve the summer dilemma… I ride with an overall, and when i stop, under 35°I unzip… In 2 seconds it’s done and I can enjoy the sun !

How to wear it ? : At first, it may only look like a wide and covering overall. However, its boyish oversize style is even more feminine, once decorated with some elegant details. The overall can be worn with rolled up sleeves and ankles, for a relaxed and classy style, moreover it will highlight your chic accessories.Those details, as a golden zipper or the small details on the pocket for example allows to open the cleavage as far as you want to let perceive a close-fitting tanktop for exemple. Prefer a size which will enhance your body, wear a belt to underline your waist and create gatherings. In a thick cotton, the overall softens after washings.

2 zipped pockets on the chest + 2 low pockets + 1 "metter" pocket + 1 pocket in the back
Elastic Waistband in the back
Embroidered badge on the chest and on the right arm
Finishing Ribbon on the pockets (low front and back)
Golden Zipper
Original Mechanic Jumpsuit
65% Coton et 35% Polyester
Hand Made Customisation
Made in France