• bikergirl tee shirt
  • bikergirl tee shirt
  • shirt for moto girl called bik(h)er by wildust
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  • moto girl, t shirt by wildust




Women empowerment: to be bold, to dare, everyday and the next day, be a true heroine.


Flash back to the 60'S…

This iconic rock t-shirt, in a pop art style, is a nod to the genius of Wharol and its minimalist creations, two-tone designs, inspired by everyday life and performing everyday subjects like stars, in a Marylin inspired pop style ... Bikers, as pioneers, adventurers and other heroes, have inspired us, and we wanted to materialize them, in the graphic style of the 60's ... On this rock poster style , we can read BIK (H) ER ... A way to feminize once again this word that has forever a masculine reference. With a small " H" added for "her" we immediately understand better who we are talking about! BIKHER !!!

A little cheeky, a little revolutionary, a little pop, this light gray t-shirt is a bomb, we can't wait to wear, wether for a ride or to go out, under a chic blazer jacket. Styling options for this one are limitless!

In 180gr cotton, it has a straight cut, a slightly loose cut , and already has it hems sewed on the sleeves. THANK GOD! :-)

Classic Fit (mixed)
Hems on the sleeves
Round Neck
Light Grey
100% ORGANIC COTTON 190 gr